Life Coaching


Life coaching is an honest and open conversation between a life coach and a client. As your life coach, I want to empower you to be the best possible version of yourself. I believe that life coaching trains your mind. This will give you much needed motivation to successfully change your life. As a result, your personal and professional goals will be more attainable.

Life coaching is goal orientated and future focused. By keeping in regular contact, we will form a supportive relationship. I will extremely honest with you by looking at exactly where you are in your life currently. With my professional advice and guidance, YOU will decide where you would like to be and how you want to bring about desired change. We will brainstorm together and set realistic goals at YOUR pace to help get you there.
I offer a confidential and non-judgmental environment. This will help you discuss the challenges you are facing in your daily life and relationships. Over the weeks I will continually support you. I will also help you overcome the bumps in the road that all everybody deals with in life. Contact me now.

For your free 45mins consulation contact John on call 07957307240