Overcome frustration

Overcome Frustration at Workplace and In Life with These 3 Simple Steps

“It Is Hardly Possible To Build Anything If Frustration, Bitterness and a Mood Of Helplessness Prevail.” Lech Wałęsa Frustration, A Sneaky Monster. Frustration is the one sneaky monster that sucks all your energy, steals your precious time, distracts you and eventually leads you to disappointment. We often find ourselves in a predicament when things don’t…

Perfectionism A Misconception

The Distracting and Disturbing Habit of Trying to Achieve So-Called “Perfectionism”

“Perfectionism Rarely Begets Perfection, Or Satisfaction – Only Disappointment.” Ryan Holiday Perfectionism A Misconception Unless you are Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, chances are that you won’t be able to master perfectionism. Why is it that we go down this road? What you fail to realize is that perfectionism is something that can never…